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February 09, 2010Michael Henthorn

Review of “Shine Like The Son”:

Awesome! This adjective has become so trite in the modern era that it has lost its luster. A perfectly-grilled hamburger at a Super Bowl party might bring joy–but awe? Awe is witnessing the wonder and glory of God, and when I see my two and three-year old dancing and clapping to “Shine Like the Son,” or when they are driving the race car cart at the grocery store singing “Come Holy Spirit, Let The Fire Fall,” my heart is filled with awe because I know the future of the church is strong. When my children sing in their car seats “Santo, Santo, Santo es El Señor,” I am confident that the universality of the Christian message rings true because, despite the barriers of language and culture, Christ unites us all. Voices uplifting and spirits soaring, the singers and musicians of Christ Music Kids have imparted a true gift of AWESOME grace and of a burgeoning faith in my children that will only continue to grow as they do. This CD of praise is like a spirit-filled mustard seed to be planted in God’s most precious gifts–our children, our hope.


August 01, 2008Tim Drake

Review of “I Am A Friend Of God” CD:

If your children like praise and worship music, I can’t recommend this CD highly enough.  It’s the best Catholic kids worship album I’ve heard, and it includes both familiar and original songs.  With inspiring vocals and rousing instrumentals by Christ Music Kids, it will energize your entire family.  The album would make the perfect accompaniment to a Vacation Bible School program or praise and worship at church.Sarah Hart

“Natalie Burt and her group of amazing kids have fashioned a project that is sure to not only entertain your children, but instruct and guide them in their faith. It’s one of the most well done Catholic children’s projects I have heard to date. Parents, you will NOT be disappointed by this project…my kids love it! You may even find yourselves singing along in the car…”

Sarah Hart
www.SarahHartMusic.comPaul George

“.the best Catholic kids worship album out there!”

Paul George
Director/Founder – ADORE ministriesEric Westby

“. a tremendous tool for children’s evangelization!”

Eric Westby
Director of Family Catechesis – Diocese of PhoenixAltier Family

“This CD is awesome. Our entire family — including kids 8,5,3, and 2 — loves it. It is one of the the best albums we have ever heard — especially with all the lyrics focused on God. Keep up the good work Natalie Burt. We can’t wait for the next one.”

The Altier Family
Pennsylvania, USALisa Hendy

“Catholic Kids Worship, a group comprised of ten to fourteen year old musicians from two parishes in South Carolina, really give heart to the twelve tracks featured on Your Grace is Enough. Soloist Emma Dudek gets things rolling with her heart-filled rendition of the title track. This song, for me, typifies what draws me to the CD. The songs are largely sung by the kids themselves, except for those where they accompany guest artists. Your children will hear child-like (but never childish) versions of classic worship songs with a distinctly Catholic flavor. I found it incredibly hard not to sing along with the CD, and most times I listened I found myself belting out the tunes right along with the kids. The selections range from the rockin’ flavor of songs like “Salt and Light” and the anthem “Open Up the Gates” (featuring Chris Padgett) to stirring ballads such as “Heal Our Nation” and my personal favorite “Oh How You Love Me” featuring incredible vocals by Katie Rose. “Bread of Life” and “Queen of Peace, Pray for Us” underscore the Catholocity which is at the core of Your Grace is Enough. Don’t be fooled by the fact that Your Grace is Enough is targeted at the youth audience. This is music your entire family will love and be inspired by. I’d say that both the creators and the Catholic Kids Worship artists have created real magic with this project. I can’t wait to hear their next CD!”

Lisa M. Hendey
Fresno, CAPaul Hilts

“Wow! Your new Catholic Kids Worship CD was more than I was expecting. I was surprised by the quality of the children’s vocals. Even though this CD is being marketed as ‘music for kids,’ I think it goes way beyond that, fulfilling one of the primary purposes of Christ Music which is to bring together the best Catholic artists out there today and create a product with a distinctive collaborative Catholic feel. The instrumentation is awesome and there is enough raw energy on the CD to send my two small boys into orbit. Great job!”

Paul Hilts
Cleveland, OHDavid Glenn

“…a great collection of worship songs which will encourage children to express their love for the Lord with excitement!”

David Glenn
Worship Leader and songwriter of “Bread of Life”
Atlanta, GADavid Gawron

“I am a music minister myself, so my four small children have grown up listening to praise and worship. This album gives them a chance to sing along with other kids instead of trying to match the sometimes unmatchable vocals coming out of the mouths of adult singers.”

Dave Gawron
Woonsocket, RI