This is a super cute Nativity Scene made with chocolate graham crackers, Elfwich cookies, animal cookies, mini shredded wheat, and a teddy graham on a pretzel for baby Jesus. All are secured by a frosting made from powdered sugar, meringue powder and water. Instructions for the papercraft are below, but if you email us, we will mail you the papercraft, instructions and a veil for Mary!


Paper Craft Instructions:

Cut frame in half.
Cut out bottom squares.
Cut along Cut lines.
Use a ruler or straight edge to help with accurate folds.
Press in folds.
Tape down side with the tabs outside.
Finished base
Next, cut out the roof.
Make sure to cut out the triangles.
Cut along Cut lines.
Use ruler or straight edge for accurate folds.
Press down on folds.
Repeat the folding process on all fold lines.
Tape down folds on outside of rooftop.
Tape roof on top of base.
Tape flaps on the side of the base.
Tape down middle shelf.
Now your papercraft is ready for cookie and cracker decorations!