(Natalie’s recipe.  Hope you enjoy!)

2 cans garbanzo beans drained (I like Bush’s brand.  They blend more smoothly)

2 large garlic cloves, skinned

1 t salt

¼ cup tahini

1/3 cup plus 2 t olive oil (extra light, mild tasting)

2 T fresh squeezed lime juice

¼ cup fresh squeezed lemon juice

Put all ingredients into blender and blend till smooth.

Natalie’s notes:  I have found that the specific ingredients make a huge difference in the flavor of the hummus.  Using fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice are important for the best flavor.  I have tried other brands of garbanzo beans, but they don’t blend as smoothly.  Our family eats a lot of hummus, so we usually double this recipe which brings the olive oil measurement to ¾ cup.