Arian Heresy Doctors

Blending family time in the kitchen with faith and flavor

Arian Heresy Doctors

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Faith and Flavor Lesson 1 Arian Heresy Doctors Coloring Page Printable

In this Family Spice Packet you will learn why we profess One God in the Creed. Did you ever wonder what consubstantial mean??? Who came up with that big word? Includes a lesson on three Arian Heresy Doctors of the Church: St. Athanasius, St. Hilary of Poitiers & St. Cyril of Jerusalem as well as an easy activity to reinforce the lesson.


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  1. annejones says:

    We really liked the water in three forms example for consubstantiation–it really made a hard concept come easy to my kids.

  2. Julie Miller says:

    We enjoyed a comfy Saturday morning in our pjs while learning about these three doctors of the church and their teachings on the Holy Trinity! Our girls loved making the tea to enjoy as a treat, while also relating it to the Holy Trinity (ice, water, tea…. 3 in 1).
    My oldest daughter, 8, declared at the end of our lesson: “This was such a treat!”

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