This recipe is basically French Toast made with Italian Bread and added cinnamon and lemon extract. Before lemon extract, fresh lemon peel was cooked with milk and cinnamon for this recipe. This is an updated version of the recipe using lemon extract and the flavor is just as good! The original recipe required more milk and thus required the bread to be dry and stale. The measurements are not exact. Bread size and thickness can vary as well as how much liquid each bread piece absorbs. Thankfully, french toast is very forgiving! Enjoy!


French Bread, eggs, milk, cinnamon, lemon extract, vanilla extract

Slice the bread into 1/2 inch slices

I used 4 eggs, 3 T milk, 1/4 t cinnamon, 1/2 t lemon extract, and 1/2 t vanilla extract. This made 8 pieces of St. Teresa’s bread, but each batch will vary. Proportions are approximate.

Mix the liquid WELL. Place the bread in the bowl and let it soak up the egg/milk mixture. Flip bread so that both sides are covered.

Butter the preheated skillet and carefully place pieces of the bread to cook. Cook on each side till lightly browned.

Repeat with each piece of bread. Top with powdered sugar or syrup.

Full Recipe:

St. Teresa’s Bread

6 – 10 slices Italian Bread

4 eggs

3 T milk

1/4 t cinnamon

1/2 t vanilla

1/2 t lemon extract

Preheat skillet on slightly lower than medium heat. In a container to best fit the slices of bread, mix the egg, milk, cinnamon, vanilla and lemon extract. Take single slices of the bread and soak both sides in egg mixture. Let it set in the mixture long enough to allow time for a good amount of the liquid to soak into the bread. Butter the preheated skillet and cook the slices on both sides till lightly browned. Top with powdered sugar or syrup.