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Blending family time in the kitchen with faith and flavor

St. Robert Bellarmine

Today choose a ministry or food pantry to make a donation to. Sometimes, they will list items that they have an urgent need for. Spend some time researching what they need and collect the items. Consider asking friends, neighbors and family to also pitch in with a donation. Make a plan to deliver the donation!

St. Peter Canisius

Teacher Gifts: Today think about your teachers. It can be your school teacher, faith formation teacher, music teacher or even a sports coach. Make a list of gift ideas to show appreciation. Sometimes teachers will post a wish list! Shop, collect or make your gift and plan to give it to them next time you…
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St. Teresa of Avila

Enjoy this delicious recipe for St. Teresa’s Bread! It’s very similar to basic french toast, but made with Italian Bread and lemon extract!

St. John of Avila

Today make plans to show your priest appreciation. Ask him over for dinner, take him out to eat or make food for him. Many want to make sweets, but try to think of something healthy! Here’s a recipe for Chicken Vegetable Soup that is easy and delicious! It’s enough to enjoy as a whole family…
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St. Catherine of Siena

St. Thomas Aquinas

Enjoy making Haystack Cookies! Be prepared to get your hands messy!

St. Bonaventure

St. Albert the Great

St. Anthony of Padua

Enjoy Honey Walnut Shrimp!