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Blending family time in the kitchen with faith and flavor

St Ambrose Sample Picture

St. Ambrose

In this Family Spice Packet, you will learn about saints, relics and novenas! Did you know that St. Ambrose had a brother and sister who are also saints? Try making Ambrosia Salad in honor of St. Ambrose! Parents, check out this video! Bishop Barron on relics and the bones of St. Ambrose

picture of ambrosia salad

Ambrosia Salad

Equal Parts: Pineapple chunks (canned, drained) Mini Marshmallows Vanilla Yogurt Shredded Coconut Mandarin Oranges (canned, drained) Mix all ingredients except Mandarin Oranges in bowl. After mixed, gently add the mandarin oranges and fold into salad.