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Spice up your Church with this Home Faith Formation program for a stronger Family and a stronger Faith

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Welcome to Faith and Flavor

Discover a place where the richness of faith meets the warmth of family connections. Faith and Flavor is where faith is celebrated through engaging activities and meaningful connections. Immerse your family in the beauty of our downloadable kids’ placemats, designed to spark curiosity and foster a love for the Catholic faith. Explore our family lessons that intertwine the sacred with the every day, providing valuable insights rooted in Catholic traditions and suitable for all Christians. From select recipes that bring loved ones together to captivating coloring book pages, Faith and Flavor is your companion on the journey of exploring and embracing the tenets of Catholic life.

In this space, the sacred Liturgical Year unfolds, prayers resonate, and the melody of faith plays through Christ Music Kids. We invite you to explore our offerings, where each download is a step in building a stronger family, a stronger faith, and a better understanding of the teachings that guide us.

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kid coloring his placemat and learning about his faith

Placemats and Cards

sample image from one of the Faith and Flavor Family Spice Packets.

Family Spice Packets

sample of one of the recipes. dough placed on a pan for a delicious baked creation from the Faith and Flavor recipes collection


image of a nativity scene made with crackers to celebrate the Liturgical Year and the Life of Christ

Liturgical Year & The Life of Christ

a hand holding a rosary in preparation for the prayers and blessings section of the faith and flavor website.

Prayers and Blessings

colcoring book cover of The Bible, the Ten Commandments, and the Nicene Creed

The Bible, Ten Commandments, and the Nicene Creed

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Christ Music Kids


Free downloads for your kids to enjoy coloring their own placemat.