Home Faith Formation for a stronger Family
and stronger Faith.

Faith and Flavor

Spicing up your Domestic Church

Free Download! Choose any or all 3 available Free Family Spice Packets.

Each Family Spice Packet includes a short lesson on the topic Saint, along with a coloring page for the kids, and a printable recipe to accompany the lesson for the whole family to enjoy.

Home Faith Formation….

A new approach to Faith Formation that involves the whole family!

New Advent Recipe Crafts For Your Family

Graham Cracker Nativity Scene

This is a super cute Nativity Scene made with chocolate graham crackers, Elfwich cookies, animal cookies, mini shredded wheat, and a teddy graham on a pretzel for baby Jesus. All[…]

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Advent 2020

Happy Advent Season! Every day we are adding reflections, lessons, recipes and recipe/crafts that you can do with your family. We hope and pray that they will help you and[…]

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First Monday in Advent

Today’s first reading comes from Romans 10:9-18 and reads, “For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. But how can they call on him whom[…]

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